Hi, welcome to HollyKHancock my personal blog. I decided to make this blog to put my creative mind to use. I’m not interested in how many followers I have this is purely for myself to write down thoughts, if you enjoy reading my pointless entries then feel free to follow.

Glencoe, Scotland

About me

My names Holly, 20 years old and I’m from the UK. Student, studying Digital Media. I’m a spiritual being and a huge nerd when it comes to astrology. I’m an animal and tea lover. I’m for sure a messy head and I love that fact. Oh, another thing I am also vegan (have been for 2 years). I’d like to say that I am quite a creative person because I’m a sagittarius, so this is going to be one of my creative outputs.

what is a Messy Head?

Messy heads are kind of difficult to definable, but that’s the whole point. If I have to try and give you a description of a messy head. A messy head is one part Chanel and one part zephyr child. They wear whatever they feel, from winged eyeliner, to pearls, to tattered old Levis. They live hard, they play hard and love harder than anyone. They are the type that stay out late strumming guitar and looking at the stars, and wake up early to a cup of coffee. They aren’t perfect, and will never have to be, in fact they don’t care about being perfect at all, they would rather be beautiful on the inside, not the outside. Because really anyone can be a pretty face, but not everyone can have an interesting mind. (Parts have been taken from The Messy Heads description of a messy head.)

Contact me

For business enquires email me at: hollyhancockbusiness@gmail.com

Follow me 

Instagram: Marshmelonify

Twitter: @Gee_its_holly

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