How to: social media detox

So I have decided to have a week or so social media detox. I thought I would document how it goes and also give you tips as I go along.

I tried to watch youtube videos on how to detox from social media before the week but I found there weren’t any videos on how to actually do it, mainly how their experience was. I decided that I would document my experience and explain how I have done it.


I have decided to do this as I am working petty much everyday in retail, I find it stressful enough and don’t want the added stress of social media. I also want to do it as I’ve found that it is an unhealthy habit the way I check my phone when I am bored, I can channel my boredom to do something creative or even get uni work done when I’m back.fullsizeoutput_1fec

Day 1

So I deleted the social media apps last night so I didn’t go on them when I woke up. This
morning before work I don’t feel like I need to go on anything at all.

So from work, I went straight to the gym. I realised I had nothing to scroll through whilst waiting for my friend. Once I got home I didn’t have much time. I ate, watched some Netflix and by half 9 I was tired from work


Day 2

Since I didn’t have social media to go on as soon as I woke up, I found I got out of bed quicker than usual.

As I walked to work I found myself in situations or in thoughts that I felt I had to post on insta stories or tweet.

I went to Ikea with a friend so I didn’t even think about social media.


Day 3

So today, is my day off I feel it might be slightly harder since I’ll be around my phone more.

To be fair, I feel today hasn’t been too much different. I find it is getting easier but I tend to click where the apps were then I realise, it’s not insta.



Day 4

I was in work the whole day, I did find that I didn’t have much to do on my break but this made me engage more with co-workers.

I have started reading a bit more too.

Day 5

Again, I had no clue what to do on my break, I could have brought a book but I don’t have that long a break to get through a chapter.


Day 6

I finished work and felt I needed a break so I met with a friend for a few drinks and a bit of a night out, I found it weird how she’d show me memes on instagram and I couldn’t do the same.

Day 7 (final day)

I can’t wait to get back on social media, I haven’t felt like I had a need to re-download the apps.

As a final thought, maybe I could spend less time on social media now and encourage myself not to go on my phone first thing in the morning. I am not someone who is addicted to their phone but I’m on it because it’s there.

Personally, I would recommend a detox especially when you’re flooded with work and you feel you need a break. As for me, I did re-download them after the last day because that’s where I post more for my business.


Let me know if you try this out in the comments!

Try to stay connected in a different way other than social media,


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