How I workout everyday!

If you’re reading this, chances are you want to live a healthy lifestyle. You’ve probably multiple times tried to workout and eventually you get either bored, too lazy or even make the excuse that you just don’t have enough time to.

And I’ll be completely honest here, I use to do exactly the same. Trying out those 20 day crunch challenges but giving up half way, going on runs every other day but make the excuse that I just don’t have time to do it.

So here’s a few tips that I’ve learnt along the way, hopefully you can find your own way to stay healthy and make it a habit.


Figure out what your goal is and make a plan

Are you wanting to tone? Or lose weight? You may think that cardio might help you withIMG_0909 this but ever since I started weight lifting, my confidence heightened and I’m in better shape than ever. With cardio, you lose calories whilst working out but with weights you lose calories in the work out but also all throughout the day.

Maybe have a look into HIIT cardio, weightlifting etc. Ladies, don’t be afraid of getting ‘bigger’ it takes a very long time to grow muscle (and a lot of protein).

I will link a few youtube videos on these workouts mentioned in the footer

I suggest to make a routine, especially if you choose to go to the gym. I feel uncomfortable going to the gym and not knowing what I’ll be doing. This way you are confident in what you’re going to do. Here’s a link to the app I use.


Find out what you enjoy doing 

Don’t be afraid to try things out, going to the gym can be daunting (never mind weight lifting) but slowly your confidence will grow. Everybody and every body is different, you may enjoy doing different things.

Try working out to podcasts rather than music, one week try HIIT the next week try weight machines or even try hot yoga. Try working out with a friend until you get confident to go on your own.

Get inspiration

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 09.32.47
Insta: Hollykatehancock


I follow a few fitness women on instagram, not to put myself down about not having that body but to inspire me to work hard to get to my own personal goal.



You can’t be physically healthy if you aren’t eating healthy 

Sure you’ll be in better shape working out than not BUT how can you expect to workout if you aren’t feeling good on the inside too. Even if you aren’t vegan like myself, try incorporating more fruit and veg into your life, try eating raw for at least one meal a day (I prefer breakfast).

Here’s a link to what raw food is and some ideas.

Dieting is not the way to go, just eat the recommended amount of calories for your BMI and reach for fruit rather than junk food.


Don’t be too hard on yourself 

At the start of my journey I went to the gym every single day, this was because it was an escape for me and it made me feel better. But you always need a rest day, at least once a week.

Some days you might not feel like going, I suggest to push yourself to go because most often it is just an excuse. But listen to your body because sometimes it needs a break.Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 09.32.42

Change it up 

I change my workout routine every 6 weeks, during this time your body begins to get use to these exercises. Be sure to change it up to ensure you’re getting the most out of your workouts, this also stops you from getting bored of the same routine.




Good luck on your fitness journey,




Youtube links-

HIIT Explained

HIIT workout

Weightlifting for women explained


Hot yoga



Megan Grubb

Whitney Simmons

Raw food info

App mentioned

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