Love yourself

I’ve been told I won’t understand what you’re going through because I have so much body confidence. You’d be surprised…

I can guarantee all those girls on instagram that you stroll through their pages, comparing every detail of what they have and you don’t. They’ve probably not always had that confidence. 

You have to remember that they post their best pictures, where the lighting is right, right angle, they aren’t bloated and they think they are having a good skin day/ makeup day. You’re seeing them at their best, I’m guilty of this too. I only post the good pictures or body pictures when i’ve just come straight out the gym.

I work hard for the body I have and I’m still not at my desired body look. I have good and bad days but I love my body every single day, it hasn’t always been like that.

When I was younger I was obsessed with calorie counting and portion sizes, id skip meals and id think i’m too this and not enough that. I criticised myself every single day and felt I couldn’t wear certain things. Hating my body and who I am

I learnt to love myself, so can you. I am living proof that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Here are a few ways in which helped me on my journey to self love.

1.Look at yourself in the mirror with positive thoughts.

When we were younger and were told off, we often had adults look us in the eye telling us we’ve done something wrong. This can contribute to the way we think when we look ourselves in the eyes. Try to think of at least one thing positive to say to yourself every single day. It’ll be hard at first but it gets easier.

2. Self care is everything!


I find that self love is incorporated with self care, the better you look after yourself the better you feel, the better you feel people tend to see that you look better too! Be selfish, watch movies with a face mask on whilst in the bath, surrounded by candles.


3.Social media

Are you following all these gorgeous instagram models which are making you feel worse about yourself? It’s not their fault, those pictures are taken of themselves on their best days. Try following more positive accounts such as affirmation accounts. They really make a difference.

4. Get more sleep

You wont feel great is you’re not getting enough sleep, half your brain isn’t working if you’ve stayed up till 3 am every night. I use the app ‘Pillow’ to ensure I’m getting enough sleep every night. Be sure to not go on technology an hour before you go to sleep so you can sleep easier.

5. Read

Chances are if you’re reading this you kind of like reading. Pick up a book before you go IMG_0024to sleep. Not just any books, I personally life to read self help books. They put you in a better mood, help you organise your life and you learn. (I’ll link my favourites in the footnotes )



6. Breathe

Sounds so simple, it is but loads of us don’t take the time to pay attention to our breathing. Close your eyes and listen to some 528hz music for 5 minutes. You will feel so much more relaxed afterwards. We tend to have short and quick breaths when we are anxious, stressed etc. By taking time to take 3 deep breaths it makes the world of difference.


“Love yourself because at the end of the day you are all you have and know”

Holly x

self love books

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