Introverted or Anxiety?

The question that I have been thinking about recently is am I introverted or is it just part of my social anxiety?

I am not ashamed to mention my mental health problems, that being that I suffer with social anxiety and anxiety. But there comes a time when the lines can be blurred between your personality and your mental illness.

I have had anxiety for a very long time, this started around when I was in high school. However, I was never officially diagnosed until over 2 years ago.

The definition of both introvert, extrovert

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a shy, reticent person.
    a person predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things.
an outgoing, socially confident person
  • outgoing person, sociable person, life and soul of the party, socializermixermingler, social butterfly, socialiteparty animal
a person who has a balance of extrovert and introvert features in their personality.

I don’t particularly agree that an introvert has to be shy, I feel that they have to have time to recharge after being round people compared to extroverts where they get charged up being around people. I feel that these definitions are only skin deep, there is a lot more to these words and they can be different depending on the person.

I have also considered myself to be introverted. I like my own company, I feel more myself when I am alone and I don’t like to spend time with a group that is larger than around 5 people.

Although, I use to love going to clubs where it would be packed. I felt I could equally be myself in front of a lot of people when I drink and I get a buzz off of being around people that laugh at my jokes.

The reason why I think it could be just my anxiety is that I may have all these traits that are similar to an extrovert. But with anxiety being around people for a long period of time can be exhausting and you need time to recharge (similar to an introvert).

Of course there are the panic attacks and anxiety attacks if things get too much, but what I’m trying to get at is that you can be an extrovert with anxiety and think you are an introvert due to the illness. I am not a doctor, I may have anxiety myself but I definitely Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 12.47.58am still learning about the illness.


I decided  to take a test to find out if I am introverted like I think I am and this was the result





Do you feel that there can be a blurred line between these two? Are you introverted, extroverted or ambiverted? click here for the test, comment below your result!

live freely,

Holly x


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