How to stop bloating

Being bloated makes me personally feel less confident and sluggish. I have tried so many ways to stop becoming bloated after meals. As a woman, we have to understand when we are on our period we can become bloated and there isn’t much we can do about that.

But here are a few tricks that help.

1.Try some probiotics, You can try a 5 day course or you can take them as long as you like. The ones I use are Probio7, these are great to throw in your bag and travel with. Some have to be stored in the fridge as this keeps the good bacteria alive.



2.Drink water. This is essential to any healthy way to live but because it has a ph scale that is neutral, this can help balance anything that you eat that maybe acidic.


3.Eat slower, start to become conscious of the food you are eating. I find this is the best way to avoid being bloated. We often rush our food and our bodies can’t digest it as well. Take your time, take regular breaks.


4.Check for allergies. You maybe bloated because you have an allergy or intolerance to something. If you eat dairy this maybe causing you to be bloated, try to cut out dairy for a week and see if it improves.


5.Peppermint oil. You can try peppermint tea or even oil capsules. This can really help with bloating, it works as it relaxes the muscles in your intestines.


6.Activated charcoal. This works a treat, this is originally used to treat overdoses. The charcoal absorbs toxins from your body. It’s great for bloating as well as for hangovers, taking a capsule before drinking can help! This is the one I use.


I hope that these tricks help as well as they have done for me. If you have any tricks or tips yourself feel free to comment.

Live freely,

Holly x

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