How to drink more water

I’m sure you know that it’s good for you to drink water and stay hydrated. You are 60-80% water but here’s a few things that can happen if you are dehydrated.

-Up to 8% of your blood disappears which can lead to narrow blood vessels, blood clots, raised blood pressure and a higher chance of having a heart attack.

-Up 26% can disappear from your intercellular space. Leads to higher acidity levels, gout, kidney stones, brittle bones, lower immunity.

-66% of your cells, higher cholesterol, reduced metabolism and accelerated ageing.


First of all check what your water intake should be per a day, click here.


So here’s some tips that help me drink more water

I will link my favourites after

1. Drink water as soon as you wake up. Leave a bottle next to your bed, not drinking for those 7-8 hours of sleeping can make you very dehydrated.

2. Buy a nice water bottle. Personally, I like to buy several. One to take out and about, as well as one that is large to use at home.IMG_0127

3. Drink through a straw. You tend to drink more this way as you feel you aren’t drinking as much when using a straw. I recommend reusable straws as this doesn’t damage our sea life

(Here’s a Youtube link )


4. Drink flavoured water. Put fruit in a bottle of water if you aren’t a fan of the taste of water.

5. Put reminders on your phone. I suggest one for every hour.

6. Track your water intake. I use the app My Water to help me keep track but you can also draw out cups and colour them in every time you drink a glass.


IMG_01257.Take a bottle of water everywhere! Put it on your desk at work/ school, throw a bottle in your bag. Take that bottle everywhere like it’s an extra limb!

8. Eat food which has a high water content. Some examples are, watermelon 92%(obviously), strawberries 92%, cantaloupe 90%, peaches 88% and many more.


9.Exercise. I find that I drink more when I workout in order to rehydrate.

10. Listen to your body. Check in with yourself throughout the day, is your throat dry? Do you feel tired when you shouldn’t be?



My faves

Camelbak water bottle (it has a straw already in it)

Reusable straws

Current water bottle

Bottles to put fruit in

Youtube vid about dehydration 


Stay hydrated,

Holly x

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