Notebook Haul

I’m sure that many of you reading this want to better yourselves, get to know yourself and understand your mind better. This is exactly what I want to do. So I decided to pick up a few books to journal in or learn from in some way


The first book I picked up is this AM/PM journal. It’s as simple as it looks, write in it in the AM and PM. I’m not good at writing in a journal everyday and what I love is that there is no set dates of when you have to write in this little book.

It’s also filled with beautiful images, this helps me to stay motivated to write in it.


The next book I picked up is this notebook, on the front it says “create your own magic”. This I thought would be perfect to write my intensions, affirmations and manifest the things I want in my life. As you may know, I’m a strong believer in the law of attraction.



I have already started to write in the book when all the full/ new moons are this year.







The final book maybe of interest to those who are also interested in astrology. This year, I really want to learn more about moon phases and further my knowledge about astrology.



This book is filled with information about astrology and parts where you can write your thoughts or even new information you find out about.

I absolutely love the colours of the front of the book and the design.





Maybe, I can do another post later in the year when I’ve finished writing in these notebooks.

Till next time,

Live freely.

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