2017 Year Review

I spent a lot of this month and December looking back at the year, what I’ve learnt and how I’ve changes. We are forever changing human beings, embrace this and reach your higher self.

This year, I learnt quite a few things which I will go through. As many of the previous years, I learnt to let go of friendships, relationships and many other things. This post I will go through some of the things that I learnt from in 2017. As well as a journal review, giving you a template of how to review last year as well.

Learning gratitude

2017 was the year I took a step back and began to practice gratitude. Thinking of three things, daily that I am truly grateful for. This put things into perspective for me, when I am stressed with things in my day to day life. Thinking of what you’re truly grateful for, makes you realise you’re stressed out for no reason.

Planning holidays

I went on holiday twice last year, the first was to Paris with a group of frieIMG_0094 copynds and then to Rhodes with one of my close friend. This was the first time I had to plan a trip abroad. It made me realise how organised you have to be and how damn expensive health insurance is when you have an extreme nut allergy!

Letting go

I had to let go of a close friend, just because I knew that the friendship was not good for my energy or if I want to improve as a person. I do not regret this, I do not regret the friendship. Sometimes the universe aligns you for a certain amount of time and after that you have to let it go.

Planning is everything!

For the first time in a long time, I kept on top of my uni work load. My god, why did I not do this sooner? studying for exams or for presentations was made so much easier when I started keeping on top of things.IMG_0094 2

Follow your heart

Towards the end of 2016. I got really ill, I was miserable and I needed change. I despised my uni course but carried on because I didn’t want to disappoint anyone. I realised after moving courses in 2017, it was the best decision I made and I’m so happy now.


Those were just a few things that made my 2017, here is a template and example of the review I did in my bullet journal. (I am so sorry about my handwriting)











Live freely

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