2017 Review

In order to create goals for 2018, I think it’s important to look back on the year. The good, the bad, 2017 was the year I learnt a lot of things. I hope to take what I learnt from the year into the new one and the many others to come.

In this post, I will go through the main things that happened in the year as well as something you yourself can use to help you review the year.


What I learnt

  • 2017 didn’t start the best, my entire student loan was stolen in January and two weeks later someone also stole my phone. I went through a lot of stress, to get my money back and surviving day-to-day life with little money.

Rather than getting angry, I simply thought that that person needed that money more than I did, I knew I’d get it back. I also learnt to deal without a phone for a few days, this made me want to put my phone down more when I had one and simply be in the present.

  • I dropped the course I was studying (web development) and changed to digital media.

This taught me to always trust my gut instincts. I was not happy late 2016 and this carried on early 2017, I was ill and I had no motivation to do any of my uni work. Just do what makes you happy!

  • I travelled without my dad, twice in fact. Once to Paris and then to Rhodes.

I learnt how to plan a holiday (and how expensive health insurance is when you have an severe allergy to nuts). I learnt to plan activities during the holiday and how to spend my time well.

  • I stopped going out clubbing

I slowly started to lose interest in going out clubbing; I don’t like being groped by men whilst I just want to have a good time with my friend. I realised I didn’t like clubbing, or even drinking that much.

  • I learnt to let go

Friends, relationships and stresses of life. I truly believe people come into your life for a reason, to teach you a lesson. You really do learn something from everyone you meet. Your best friend now may not be in two years, that’s okay. Sometimes, you align with each other for a few months and then you just are on different paths and vibrations, this is perfectly okay.


Those are only a few examples, here’s a way to journal a review of your year. Including an example of my own (apologies for my handwriting).