Bringing up children as vegans?

My thoughts on bringing up your children on a vegan diet. Okay, the word ‘diet’ is not exactly how I like to word it but you understand what I mean. **WARNING** I am in no way saying what you are doing is wrong if you choose to bring your child up eating meat and dairy. This is my own opinion and I am simply discussing the topic.

My background.Β I was brought up eating meat and dairy up until the age of 14/15. I was not forced to stop eating meat, it was my own decision and I was vegetarian for around 4 years. I have now been vegan for 4 months. So I know the differences but I am not an expert. I have also gone on numerous diets and I definitely know what works and what doesn’t. Never in my life have I been overweight or underweight.


Is it safe to bring up a child as vegan? The straight forward answer is yes! All you need to ensure is that the child is getting the right nutritional food. You may hear people ask where we get our protein from and the answer is simple. There is protein in nearly everything! Meat contains a high amount of protein which our bodies don’t even need. The only supplement we truly need is vitamin B12. Even meat eaters can be deficient in this. Cows are injected with this vitamin so we get it through eating the meat, but it is so much easier and ethical to just take the supplement directly.



My actual thoughts on the topic. Okay, since I have been a meat eater and now I am living as a vegan, I have definitely noticed the differences. If you would like to hear my full experience then email me and I will create a blog post about it. I have noticed I feel so good eating plant based, my skin is better, I have more energy and most importantly I have become so incredibly happy and have such a positive outlook on life. If you put cruelty in someone that I going to be the outcome. I want my child to live a happy and healthy life, so long as they are living in my house they will eat plant based. If when my child becomes an adult and chooses to eat meat then that is their decision.


‘How would you feel, if the day that you were born, somebody else had already planned the day of your execution?’ -Gary Yourofsky

Live freely.

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