David Bowie’s best gender bending styles moments

I’m sure you have all heard about the tragic news of David Bowie’s death. He was definitely iconic, from his style to his music he inspired us all. Personally, I liked quite a few of his songs but I had the uttermost respect for his style. David Bowie paid the way for men wearing makeup, he created this character called Ziggy Stardust in the 70s. Androgyny was not on anyone’s radar he brought it to the forefront. He was one of the only men to wear a full face of makeup and he did not let anyone get in the way, he was fearless.


The young gender bending bohemian Bowie, he had long hair and definitely lots of sex appeal. Gained the worlds attention with his 1970s glam rock album ‘The man who sold the world.’

tumblr_static_young_david_bowie__3_Ziggy stardust. In the early 70s Bowie transformed into the cult persona, his        androgynous style made headlines.

Men can wear makeup, Bowie was one of the only men to wear a full face of makeup. According to Bowie his signature bright red hair and iconic lightning bolt that he wore across his forehead as his alter ego, Aladdin Sane.


Wearing heels, Bowie would perform is platforms and high heels which turned the heads of millions.


Coloured suits, not just for women but can be for men too. The thin white duke, he wore suits of every colour which was definitely gender bending.

Rebel rebel, Bowie performed this song on the pop in 1974 dressed as a pirate.Wearing one of his most notable outfits ever, skin tight red dungarees and an eyepatch.


Skinny scarves, Bowie was infatuated by silk skinny scarves, 70s girls and guys were then quick to copy.

Jareth the goblin king, His creepy character in Labyrinth. bowie wearing a ridiculous spiky mullet and a sexy liquid black suit.


Bowie lost a battle with cancer after 18 months. However, his gender bending styles will never be forgotten. He was definitely one of the most iconic celebrities of all time.


‘I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.’

Live freely.



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