My New Year Resolutions 2016

New year resolutions haven’t really been my thing but this year I feel why not better myself, it is a great thing to do to improve yourself. You can have goals that you come up with anytime of the year but because it’s a new year, I guess you could say that the New year brings the want to better ourselves out a lot more due to a start to a new year.


So here are my New year resolutions.

  1. To post more on this blog. I often find something I’m interested in and then fail to continue it for a large amount of time, I want this to be different. Let’s see if i keep it up.
  2. To not use technology at all for at least an hour everyday. We spend too much time on our phones and laptops that our connection with nature and the outside world is just beginning to deteriorate.
  3. Read more. Something that many people usually will say they will do more of in their New year resolutions. I do read quite a bit but I find myself going through periods of being too lazy to read, that is going to stop.
  4. Be more organised. Again, I’m sure that is on many people’s lists of resolutions. I find that I usually get lazy with this but I have no clue why. Being organised usually helps in my studies, why not do something that can help me out a lot?
  5. Become a minimalist. By this I mean that I will get rid of anything that I have not looked for, used or even thought of in the past 6 months. By doing this things will appear more simpler… hopefully.
  6. Plan my weeks clearly. I prefer to organise nights out or catchups with friends at least a week ahead. This I feel needs to be applied to what I do during the day and things that need to be done.
  7. Become a little more healthier. Now, I don’t mean exercise 6 times a week I know that is far too daunting to me. I want to just eat more fruit, drink more water and at least once a month do some form of workout.


I will look at this a year from now and hopefully I will be able to say I have accomplished these goals.

As for anything to better myself as a person I will continue to follow Buddhism, I feel it is not needed to be a resolution as I have noticed that even throughout 2015 I have changed so much as a person by just going through different experiences.

Hope you have all had a great 2015 and I wish you great health, happiness and prosperity this new year.

‘You are never to old to set another goal or dream a new dream.’ -C.S. Lewis

Live freely.



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