2015’s Most Controversial Magazine Covers

Now that we have started a new year, I have chosen to look back at last year’s most shocking magazine spreads. 2015 I feel was a great year for us feminists as many celebrities have taken it upon themselves to change  and break the boundaries of the way in which society presents women and their standards.

First we revisit the first appearance of Caitlyn Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair.

Now, I’m not going to get into the whole whether I believe that she is a great figure for the LGBTQ+ community but I’m sure we can all agree that this magazine cover was controversial in some way.

My favourite picture from this shoot is definitely of Caitlyn in the red bodycon dress, she looks fierce, feminine and all while looking extremely glamorous. In the front cover picture Caitlyn looks conservative but is definitely enough to shock people, which is why I personally loved this magazine spread so much.

Next we have Demi Lovato’s photo spread in Vanity Fair. We all know Demi’s past and it is amazing how she chose to do this photoshoot that was nude, makeup free and not retouched.

Demi brought out her album ‘Confident’ this photo shoot definitely resembled that. This photoshoot inspired many women around the world including myself, you should be comfortable in your own skin and that eventually you can get to a place where body image is not an issue anymore.

Up next we have the gorgeous 19 year old, Zendaya. This to me was one of the most controversial photoshoots 2015 has seen. A magazine had tried to retouch and slim down Zendaya’s body in a photo shoot. Her response was ‘These are the things that make women self conscience.’


As you can see the left is highly edited. Zendaya’s hips, thighs, skin tone etc has been altered to what society’s high standards of a woman’s body should be. This I found was the most shocking, not just because of the pure fact the raw image looks far better but the fact that Zendaya is just a teenager, I find it disgusting that this was retouched.

And finally, possibly my favourite magazine spread of 2015 was Miley Cyrus’ photoshoot for Paper Mag.

This I find was very controversial but Miley looks amazing in every picture. Many people dislike Miley due to the fact she has ‘changed’. However, I adore this woman as she is fearless and to me is a great feminist inspiration.


My favourite image from this photoshoot is definitely this one as anyone who I have shown this image to have been shocked, not just because her nipples are on show but because she has armpit hair. I believe that if a woman does not want to shave then that’s perfectly fine, if you do that’s also perfectly fine. I love how Miley just keep pushing boundaries.

‘Don’t let society define you.’

Live freely.




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